4 Fun Holiday Dog Photoshoot Ideas

Although you can buy trachea treats and beef ribs for dogs on our website, we here at Cyberdog Treats are all about offering advice, tips, and tricks when it comes to your furry companion. In fact, with the holiday season about to arrive, here are four fun holiday dog photoshoot ideas for you to consider. After all, including your canine buddy in holiday photos might be challenging, but they’re definitely worth it!

  1. Play dress-up.

 One of the most sure-fire ways to get an adorably festive holiday shot of your pup is by dressing him up. Try out a pair of reindeer antlers or even a Santa hat. If you’re feeling brave, and if your dog will cooperate long enough to get it put on, why not try a holiday sweater? Try to keep in mind that if your pet is really uncomfortable, you aren’t going to get a great photo. Keep it humorous and try to move quickly so that you capitalize the best photo moments your pet is willing to create.

  1. Go for an action shot.

A great way to get your dog in the holiday spirit is a good old-fashioned romp in the snow.  Nothing else says “Happy Holidays” like a dog bounding through mounds of the fluffy white stuff. What’s great about action shots is that they’re surprisingly easy to take because you don’t need to have your dog’s attention and you don’t need to have them look right at the camera. No snow where you live? Head to the beach and try for a shot in the sand instead.

  1. Opt for the traditional.

 This is one of the simplest set-ups possible, especially if your home is already decorated for the holidays. If you don’t have many decorations, make a quick trip to a local retail/pet store and purchase a few inexpensive ones for props. Always make sure that you don’t use any dangerous objects like holiday lights or flammables. Have fun and make your holiday photo shoot as creative as you want.

  1. Go for a Santa shoot.

This is a fun way to get your pet into the holiday spirit. You’ll probably need to leave this house for this kind of photo opportunity unless you can invite Santa to your place for the shoot. Check for malls and shopping areas that have “Pictures with Santa” sessions. Once you’ve set the scene, get your pooch to sit with Santa, snap some photos, and enjoy.


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