6 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Valentines Part 1 of 2

Who is your Valentine? Where do you get love 24/7 every day of the week, every second of the day? The wagging tail, the lapping tongue, those eyes that get you every time – who is always there for you? They will forgive you forever, demand too much of you, and would tell you, (if he or she could), that you mean the world to them. You are their world.

Your dog.

Your dog is your companion for life, as you know. You couldn’t get rid of that love-filled fluff even if you tried. It is important to realize how much of an impact your dog has on your life, and what you can do this Valentine’s Day to try and give even a fragment of that back.

❤ They live to please us.
Why do dogs do tricks? Is isn’t just for the treat; many dogs do tricks just for the reward of love or to make you happy. Dogs will endure grooming, baths, cutting their nails, vet visits, and much more because it makes their human happy. There are many stories of dogs going above and beyond for that special someone; some of them are heart-wrenching!

❤ Their compassion and understanding is on a different level.

Unlike humans, dogs cannot speak. They show their understanding and are able to comfort you in ways other people cannot even encroach on. They will listen to you without judgement, they will lay next to you and just be. Their radiating love is so powerful, that even when you’re upset, they see straight through you. They know you so well–better than anyone–that they can always tell when you need a little extra love.

❤ They never judge.

Dogs will love the homeless, those with addiction, those of different races–different religions; they strike up friendships with those you would least expect. Dogs that have been mistreated will keep crawling back to humanity for a second chance at love. They save lives with their companionship and can make even those with stone cold resolve, find some scrap of compassion. A dog doesn’t care; they just want to love and be loved. It doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t matter from whom – if you’re rich or poor, if you’re smart or dumb. Dogs can make you feel special–can be the valentine that never misses a beat.

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