Fetch the Best Howliday Gift Ideas for your Dog: Don’t Make them Beg for it!

‘Tis the season for giving, and we at Cyberdog Treats know just as well as the next person how important it is to thoroughly spoil your dog. Maybe day in and day out, they don’t get as many treats as they give you the puppy dog eyes for, so this is your chance! Stuff their stockings–messily wrap their gifts! You can enhance this holiday season with the toothy grin you bring to your fur child’s face. It’s priceless.

Picture it

Imagine them unwrapping their present, holding it with their paws, and pulling the wrapping paper off to find what was hidden from sight. (They probably already knew what it was from its smell), but they light up with excitement because the holidays can be just as much a treasure to them as they are to you. Your dog will love you unconditionally, but perhaps it is time to show them how much they mean to you too.

So what do you get them?

It’s the difficult decision–the hardest gift to get! Why? Well, first off, they like too many things! Unless you wrap them up the mailman, a recording of a firetruck, or some fireworks, you really can’t go wrong. They even like socks! And asking your dog what they would like this year usually doesn’t result in any discernable language, unfortunately. Unless you speak dog, you’re at an impasse. You want to get them something they will love, but what?

At Cyberdog Treats, we not only have the solution, but the coupon for it! (see below). Ask yourself this: what makes your dog the happiest (aside from a walk)? Is their little black nose wriggling at the sight of your dinner, or the slightest crinkle of a bag? Food. Many dogs are actively food or treat-driven. That’s how they learn all their tricks and what they oftentimes want the most. It’s a burst of joy in their day, and what’s even better is if the treat lasts longer! The longer they get to chew on it and have that glorious taste in their mouth, the better it is. It occupies them, keeps them busy, and diverts them away from trouble.

Instead of getting them a new collar or leash (really, that’s more of a present for you), get them something they will really enjoy. Our products are 100% real meat, additive and filler free, processed and raised in the United States. Order today and make your purchase with the coupon code: “CYBER20” to get 20% off your purchase!


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