Products Available

At Cyberdog Treats, we not only have an amazing selection of dog treats, but we also bring you the types of treats that are in the highest demand (of your dog, of course). Even though you make the choice of what to buy, you know what your dog’s favorites are. (And we all know your canine makes the decisions around here); you’re just the human. So what does your dog tell you? What mouth-watering, drool-stringing types of treats do they enjoy the most? We bet we have them! Or maybe you’re out to try something new?

Regardless of how you found us, you’re in for a treat (literally). Our online store is here to offer you:

  • Beef Bully Sticks
  • Beef Jerky Sticks
  • Beef Rib Treats
  • Beef Tendon Treats
  • Beef Trachea Treats
  • Chicken Jerky Treats
  • Turkey Jerky Treats

With more coming soon! What other store do you know gets their inventory straight from the distributor? Our treats are clean, 100% real meat without any fillers or additives. Keep your furchild healthy and choose what’s right for their overall well-being. All of our products are slowly roasted and hardwood smoked for 24 hours. Doesn’t that sound delicious? It’s almost like ordering a steak from a menu, except it is a super special treat for your dog that already loves you unconditionally.

Beef Treats

Going off of the steak concept, everyone loves beef right? Those burgers you grill up really leave your dog dejected and salivating in the corner, don’t they? Why not have a treat on hand to tie them over, occupy them, and literally make their day better? Good idea, right?

From trachea to tendons, everything you’d never eat, (including bully sticks), your dog absolutely loves. The best part? They last! Your dog will be occupied with enjoying themselves for a while after receiving the best Cyberdog Treat ever. While the Beef Rib treats won’t be completely devoured (as they are cooked bones), Bully Sticks, Tendons, and Trachea will be gone and easily digested.

Right now, treats like Bully Sticks are becoming more and more popular (with dogs, not just their owners). Dogs love them, they’re healthy, they’re time-consuming, and they are completely digestible, unlike rawhide. Bully Sticks are an optimal choice for a tasty and healthy experience.

Chicken, Turkey, & Jerky Oh My!

The birds. Those feathered, flighted things that are fun to chase and are really hard to catch. They definitely taste good, and your dog knows it! What’s more, is they come in jerky sizes. Long, thin, and breakable treats are packed full of yum and easy to make into smaller pieces. They are absolutely perfect for training! And we get it, you want to spoil your dog; however, during training, if you’re constantly giving them larger bites, they could easily gain weight. It’s better to have a sizable treat that you can break up during training to let them know they are doing a great job.

Our Jerky treats also are available in beef flavor, making it so your dog never gets bored of the taste. Switch it up! Between chicken, turkey, and beef, there is always an option to choose from that gets tails wagging.

At Cyberdog Treats, we pride ourselves on our inventory, only offering the best for your dog. We are available at any time for inquires or questions regarding our products. Our intention is all natural, safe, and always the healthy choice for any breed. Please contact us today by calling 717-376-6822.