Reasons Why Your Dog (Would) Buy All-Natural

If we assume you’re a real dog lover, then we know who’s the real boss—your four-legged canine. But you worship your dog, and you care for him or her because you want a healthy and happy life for them. By eating all-natural dog food and treats, your dogs can maximize their lifespans, and their overall health every day. A dog’s diet affects everything from their allergies down to their body weight. If you tend to buy industrial kibble brands, expect your pooch to be as unhappy and allergic as you’d be eating dust scrap pebbles. We are serious about the health of all dogs, from dog parks, shelters, streets, and homes.

All the Demands!

Say you heard that eating healthier meant you didn’t have to drink as much coffee or sleep as much on the weekends (as they say these days). While we won’t get into what we eat or how you cook, we can at least talk about a dog’s diet. Unless your dog is a certified walker, they should be eating at least 50% of their calories in protein. As they’re feasting on some real, genuine protein, 12% of what they eat should be fat. The remaining 38% of this doggy diet formula should be derived entirely from vegetables and natural supplements and dog treats. Don’t forget your dog’s weight, either, divvying out those portions. Any lap dog, and truly sedentary creature doesn’t need to eat more than 1 to 3 percent of its weight in food.

Advantages of All-Natural

When the meat you’re feeding your dog is all-natural or home-made, you can rest assured that they’re eating properly. As you’re shopping online, at a local grocery store, or supermarket, keep an eye out for any all-natural brands of dog food. Always study the list of ingredients, ensuring that your dog’s food isn’t laden with additives or fillers. Once your dog is eating all-natural and healthy, you’ll know it. Dogs that eat real meat and maintain their diets will be likely to live long and happy lives. Just like humans, going to the bathroom only gets easier for dogs, as they benefit greatly from nutrients.

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